I have found through my creative endeavours in writing and styling, that the overlooked and the unfashionable often illuminate and inform the way.

The temptation is always to look in front of us or towards what everyone else is staring at. But setting our gaze to the middle distance offers a rich stylistic trove.

There is beauty and grace everywhere – it is just that our eyes, en masse, are not generally led to look in that direction.


My Cool Series

A milestone collection celebrating micro design into the mainstream, when no one was thinking this phenomenon of transforming spaces could be such a brilliant outlet for a new wave of designers, these projects have paid their way too as the series looks at how the recycling of an old caravan of an abandoned bus could become a lucrative business plan as well as bringing joy to its creator.


The Anatomy series

As a step away from the my cool series these books are larger and longer in form, delving a little deeper into the stories behind these inspired and diverse retreats, studios, workshops. Maintaining the ethos that style and design can be affordable to anyone these books discuss the process of building these spaces, the honesty in revealing how challenging creating these escapes can be.